And now it begins.

By July 28, 2011 3 Comments

I’ve been thinking about writing a piece for a while now, about efficiency. I could even go so far as to say, that this worldwide recession of ours could be dramatically improved based on the millions of collective hours of our time being swallowed up, never to be seen again, sitting on hold with phone companies and endless webs of automated message dead ends. Resolving glitches in our bills or security holds, etc, that are often no fault of our own. So as we set up our Tumblr, and Twitter, and beef up LinkedIn, and Facebook, and all that stuff, it really amazes me with all of our social media to manage- combined with the nuisances mentioned above- how anyone can get any work done anymore?! The difference though, between talking to a computer about your credit card and watching is, IT’S WAY MORE FUN.

So, as you sit at your desk at work reading this, please know, that we will try our very bestest on this page not to waste your time by reading meaningless dribble. Our goal here is to achieve the feeling for our readers of absolutely zero time wasting guilt. Ok SOME of it will be meaningless dribble. But at least it’ll be funny. We will aim to provide you with useful information, mixed with much needed comic relief, which may actually help IMPROVE your efficiency. So don’t feel bad. Enjoy your social bad selves. We hope you will enjoy.


  • Dan Dick says:


    Just beat it…

    No sorry..this is great!!!

    Can your Uk arm of finger also write stuff?

  • Nancy Kagan says:

    AMEN to less time wasting on useless un-funny stuff. Let’s get stimulated if we’re going to be sitting in front of a computer. Otherwise, let’s all get offline and go back to the olden days of spending hours sharing ideas in a bistro over wine and cigarettes!

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